Way of the Great Oracle: The Voyager Deck


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James Wanless, PH.D. with a forward by Lynn V. Andrews

Voyager Tarot: Way of the Great Oracle blends shamanism, psychology, art, and mythology into a modern ritual for self-creation. Featured are “The Four Golden Truths” and “The Seven Steps of Power” – processes for easy every-day use of symbolic imagery for self-empowerment. Way of the Great Oracle brings together symbols and signs as never before so that everyone can become their own oracle and realize their highest dreams.

2001 Fairwinds Press Edition


James Wanless:

A former Professor of Political Science with a Ph.D. from Columbia University, James Wanless is a rare combination of academic, entrepreneur, visionary, artist, corporate trainer, storyteller and counselor. He is a spirited speaker and futurist, delivering his talks with passion and humor, as he takes his listeners on a wild ride into the best of themselves.

Wanless, creator of SUSTAIN YOURSELF CARDS and author of SUSTAINABLE LIFE: THE NEW SUCCESS, embodies and teaches the “sustain-abilities” – life skills for leadership, resilience, and inspired living at any age. He is a modern-day “Green Man,” the ancient archetype of spring and perpetual renewal, and is producing a four-part series of e-books entitled ADVENTURES WITH GREENING MAN: MY MYTHIC MENTOR. An avid naturalist, he has authored, LITTLE STONE: YOUR FRIEND FOR LIFE.

Internationally known as Captain Pick A Card, Wanless is the creator of the best-selling VOYAGER TAROT – a multi-cultural and wholistic map of life and fortune creation tool – along with other right-brain books and tools as a “corporate shaman” – INTUITION@WORK; WAY OF THE GREAT ORACLE; and STRATEGIC INTUITION FOR THE 21ST CENTURY.

Dr. Wanless has coached and counseled thousands of individuals and has taught and trained companies and organizations in the US and around the world to promote innovation, creativity, wise decision-making and personal growth by his “manifestation psychology” – THE FORTUNE FORMULA meditation and process.

See him in action by his various talks on YouTube under James Wanless.

7o years-young, James is a resident of Marina del Rey, California.

FB: jamesmwanless

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