The Best Doctor In You


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Wendy Q. Wang

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Why should we suffer pain and spend too much money on treatments and pills when we have the perfect sources in our own body to be healthy and energetic all the time? Our human body is a powerful and brilliant system that we can utilize better to stay healthy and fight disease. Can we have the wisdom of our forties or fifties and also the energy level of our twenties? We believe the answer is YES. We want to be strong, energetic, and motivated. We want to think clearly and feel wonderful all the time. Each individual human body is an active energy field. That energy flows to reach every part of the body to support human life. This book teaches readers how to achieve good health and longevity through body s energy pathway therapy that they can do easily by themselves. It describes the energy pathways in the human body and their functionalities in details. It introduces the acupuncture points and the self-help treatment methods for 23 common syndromes such as diabetes, back pain, weight problem etc. A large amount of visual illustrations are presented to describe the locations of the Jingluos and acupuncture points. It provides the name and international symbol for each acupuncture point. Body energy pathway therapy for health care is an ancient and profound discovery about the human body. Such a remarkable finding should be recognized by all people in the world and everybody should benefit from it.

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