Shaggy Muses


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Publisher Description:

“Move over Marley. Make room for Carlo (Emily Dickinson’s giant Newfoundland). Or Flush (Elizabeth Barrett Browning’s golden cocker spaniel). Or, maybe, Keeper (Emily Bronte’s intimidating mastiff mix). In self-contained chapters of “Shaggy Muses,” the work of each author is viewed intimately within the context of the canine companions who provided love, comfort and inspiration.”
– Elizabeth Taylor, Literary Editor, The Chicago Tribune

“With this book, Adams has created a niche that will thrill those who love literature, biography and dogs.”
– Bark Magazine 

“Dog lovers and literary groupies alike will adore SHAGGY MUSES.”

“These concise biographies are affecting and engaging.”
Kirkus Reviews

“Written with lively, accessible prose, this absorbing, wholly unique book is a must-read for literature- and dog-lovers alike.”

“Lovers of both dogs and classic writers will identify with this sweet, quirky book.”
Publishers Weekly 

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