Man Robs Bank with his Chin: and Other Unusual Stories Missed by the Mainstream Media

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Man Robs Bank With His Chin – And Other Unusual Stories Missed By Mainstream Media is a difficult book to describe because there’s nothing to compare it to.  Not since Woody Allen’s”Without Feathers” has there been a book this funny and unusual, and it was Woody Allen himself who read some of Jeffrey Gurian’s earliest work and encouraged him to pursue his craft, because it was “so visual.”  Woody’s longtime manager Jack Rollins was also very helpful to Jeffrey in getting his work seen, and this book is the culmination of many years of Jeffrey’s work in gathering the most unusual and bizarre stories from across the planet.Jeffrey’s previous work as a writer/reporter for the legendary Weekly World News, where he had his own column called “Gurian’s World of the Bizarre”was the womb where the idea for this book gestated, leading to stories like”Man Robs Bank With His Chin”, “College Professor Fired For Casually Removing His Spine”, and  “Man Displays Uncanny Ability To Lift Heavy Objects With His Eye.”  When you read this book, you will understand why the Gurian News Network (GNN) logo is “All The News That’s Fit To Dance To!”  You can read more about Jeffrey on his website at




Jeffrey Gurian is a comedy writer/performer/director/author/producer. He’s written material for legends like Rodney Dangerfield, Joan Rivers, Phil Hartman, Richard Belzer, and Andrew “Dice” Clay. Jeffrey has performed stand-up at all the big clubs in New York City and Los Angeles and was featured several times on Comedy Central’s hit Kroll Show with Nick Kroll, John Mulaney, Amy Poehler, Seth Rogen,and Katy Perry. He was in the viral “Too Much Tuna” sketch and is also a regular on-air personality on SiriusXM’s Bennington Show.
He writes a weekly column covering the comedy scene for The Interrobang, and has performed in all the major clubs in NY and LA, as well as AXS TV’s Gotham Comedy Live with Jon Lovitz.His Comedy Matters You Tube channel has over 1.2 million views with Jimmy Fallon, Chelsea Handler, Trevor Noah, Amy Schumer and so many more.  Jeffrey was a writer/reporter for the legendary Weekly World News where he was given his own column called “Gurian’s World of the Bizarre”, and reported on very unusual stories like “Tap Dancing For The Criminally Insane”, and “Man Paints Replica of the Cistine Chapel With His Beard”, leading to this book.
His short animated films from his comedy news channel GNN (Gurian News Network) like  “College Prof. Fired For Casually Removing His Spine”, and “George Washington Wore Wooden Pants”, were featured at the 2009 Cannes FilmFestival, in the Short Film Corner.


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