All Your Prayers Are Answered


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This book answers several questions that have perplexed people throughout the ages. Why do good people get sick and suffer misfortune? Can prayer help and heal? Is God powerful but not omnipotent? Or, does God have varying answers to prayers. This book suggests that all of us are alive for a reason, to learn and grow spiritually. This growth requires a movement toward faith, love, forgiveness and unity. Positive movement in these areas helps us deal with fear, hate, guilt, and inferiority. These psychological problems are also opportunities for growth. As we learn to pray more effectively, we are healed spiritually, psychologically and often physically. We need to look at life as a beautifully unfolding divine plan. If all prayers were answered with instantaneous, miraculous healings, people would not learn to take responsibility for their thoughts, feelings, and behavior. They would just turn to God to bail them out or provide selfish gain. Thus, all prayers are answered in a way that can lead to the maturity necessary to pray more effectively. Only God knows the next step in each person’s journey. Our job is to surrender to divine direction, take responsibility for ourselves, and do what we need to do, and accept all results. Prayer leads to maturity, peace, and happiness, which in turn leads to more effective prayer.

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