Alice in Wonderland Yesterday and Today Coloring Book

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“Alice in Wonderland Yesterday and Today” Coloring book is like no other Alice. This take is adult (not for the kiddies.)

It begins with the original classic Tenniel illustrations with quotes from the traditional Lewis Carroll Story. Midway it changes into “Alice’s Bloody Adventures” based upon the popular book of the same name by author Raúl Alberto Contreras and his L.A. Street artist in crime, Tweedle Guns. This section of the book imagines Alice as she might be today as she chases the killer wabbit through wonderland and into a dark looking glass. Aside from the popularity of coloring books for adults, this one goes beyond the intricate patterns of mandalas into a really good read, with wonderful illustrations perfect for comparing and contrasting Alice’s 150th Anniversary.




Raul Alberto Contreras was born and raised in Washington D.C.
Upon graduating Washington-Lee High School he moved to Detroit, Michigan and soon began College at Northern Michigan University. Where he studied cinema and graduated in 1992 with a BFA in Film-making.
Raul has been an Animator, Actor, a set builder/carpenter and Producer for various independent production studios throughout the country.
Eventually he moved to Los Angeles and has Production Designed 6 feature films before becoming a Local 44 Union Set Decorator.
He also Directed four short films, just finished writing his 12th screenplay and has finally completed his first novel. “Alice’s Bloody Adventures in Wonderland,”

coming soon to the MPM Store.

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