Our Catalogs

As a niche and kitsch publisher we have divided our lists into catalogs or what the publishing world calls “imprints.” This is a way for you to find what you want more easily. We hope the names we have chosen for the imprints speak for themselves but here is a handy guide:

  • TV Classics Press is a place where you will find books and reprint classics about your favorite shows from the late 50s 60s and beyond.
  • Soul Odyssey is Spirituality and New Thought. It may contain some alternative health and paranormal but nothing witchy. Sorry.
  • Heartsong is for romantic love stories and the like. Nothing more than PG. Gift books as well.
  • Bashert Books is for Judaica. This is not a political imprint. More cultural and fun.
  • Melville press is a regional imprint partnership with Arrowhead Museum. We publish Melville oriented books or books with regional connection to Berkshire History and Culture.
  • My Serenity Press is for recovery books, memoirs that show how to overcome adversity, mental health and other issues surrounding these struggles.
  • Comedy Matters Press is for humor and Comedy history and technique
  • Writers Bookshelf is dedicated to educating writers in craft and publishing
  • Micro Publishing Media is our catch all imprint for books that do not fit some of these other imprints
  • Book Noshes are short books. A little snack for the mind.
  • Other Realms Press is for fantasy, YA and New Adult Fantasy and books that are out of this world.
  • Living Spirit Books is for Christian living, values, inspiration