Bookstock aka our new, newish or gently used books



This is how we remember that famous day in 1969 during the Summer of Love. Okay, maybe it didn’t happen quite like this. But if we were there you can be certain we would have brought books to read in between the rains and the music. We love books and we want to share. So, we are including on our MPM store a whole bunch of books that we hesitate to sell but that is the only way we can make room for new inventory. We have eclectic tastes that reflect the genres we publish. Check back often for new book treasures. We typically only have one copy of each title so if you see something you like grab it now. When we learn your preferences we will go on the hunt and find what you like. Sign up for our newsletter and write to us and let us know what you want to read. If we don’t have it or we don’t publish it it gives us a reason to go to all those out of the way book sales so you don’t have to.